A Journey of the Heart

In 2013, Founder, Julie Chavez, had a brilliant creative thought to build a jewelry brand whose mission was to lift and support others over profit. this idea combined with her well established jewelry artisan skill set launched Chavez for Charity. the brand quickly became a gift industry favorite due to its heart, quality hand-crafted jewelry and ability to easily allow its retail partners and customers to Live a Charitable Life.

Colors for Causes



The journey unfolded into one colorful story after another hence the trademark program called Colors for CausesTM. Each of the partnering non-profits is designated a color that represents their cause’s collection. For every purchase made within that color offering, Chavez for Charity donates 25% of net profits to that cause. Colors for Causes encompasses eight ongoing charity partners representing some of the globals most important humanitarian issues today.

Doing Good in the World

Along with Colors for Causes, Chavez for Charity also creates programs to support local and international immediate needs issues such as the 2019 Australian Wildfire Crisis. At one point in its history, the company created the 11th project which extended to the local retail community the ability to support causes specific to them and their local communities.

  • Providing clean water to 6500 people in Africa, Asia and Central America.
  • Funding Hate Crime awareness campaigns and prevention trainings.
  • 1600 hours of pediatric cancer research.
  • 500 micro-loans fir women entrepreneurs world wide.