• What are the bracelets made out of?

Every bracelet is unique! Most commonly we use beads made of agate, hematite, jasper, jade, Czech glass, fossil, and wood. Product descriptions on our website will list out the materials for the item.

  • Where are the bracelets made?

Our bracelets are made in the US! More specifically they are designed and made in our New Jersey office. 

  • What are the sizes of the bracelets?

Women's bracelets are typically sized to a standard 7.5 inches. Men's bracelets are typically sized to 8 inches. Kid's bracelets are sized to about 6.5 - 6.75 inches.

  • How should I care for my bracelets?

1- Use a gentle “rolling” method to put on & remove bracelets! Pulling them can cause them to tear or stretch out. 2- Always remove your bracelets before any physical activities, showering or sleep. 3- Avoid contact with any liquids, perfumes and cleaners. 4- Store in a cool dry place.

  • When will sold out products be made available?

Because of the unique nature of our company, we typically do not restock sold out items since we're constantly adding new designs. If there is a product you just have to have please feel free to inquire with our office and our team will check on its availability!



  • How much is donated to charity?

We donate 25% of our profits to our partner charities. Every color group corresponds with a different cause which dictates where the donations are made.

  • How can I suggest a charity?

Although all of our partner charities are currently locked in, we love hearing your suggestions and will certainly keep them on file for future reference. You can provide us with additional information here.



  • How long until I receive my order?

Great question! Our office is open Monday- Friday only and we process orders typically within 3 business days. Major sales & Holiday seasons up to 5 business days. USPS Priority mail typically processes and delivers order in 1-4 business days depending on location.

  • What email notifications will I receive when I place an order?

First, you should receive an order confirmation email- this is an automatic email and should be received immediately following your checkout. Second, when our team begins to process your order (creating a label for the shipment, pulling & packing your order) you should receive a processing confirmation email. This email will contain a tracking number that will be updated after we've finished processing your order and USPS/ UPS picks it up.

Depending on the carrier selected you may also receive two additional emails- one shipment out for delivery email and one shipment delivered email. These are also automatic emails that are sent when the carrier updates your shipment status in their systems.

  • I got a shipment delivered email but I don't have my package?

Don't panic! Sometimes this happens because your carrier scanned the package but hasn't finished their route yet. It's likely it is out for delivery and will arrive very soon, same day. If this is not the case, customers often find their package has been delivered to a neighboring house or apartment. We suggest checking with your neighbors and mail carrier as well.

Checking the tracking history of your shipment may also provide additional information on the whereabouts of our your order.

If your order is still missing, please contact us and our team can further assist you. 

  • Can I return or exchange?

Chavez for Charity offers store credits or product exchanges. You will be responsible for shipping your unworn, tagged items to our office. For product exchanges, we will cover shipping your exchanged item back to you. For store credits, we will provide you with a credit in the form of a code for you to use on a future order.

Please refer to our additional shipping and return policies here.